Bomann EK 5022 CB Vanilla  Βραστήρας Αυγών
Buzzing Signal with Refining:YesBuzzing Signal with Refining:YesFully Adjustable for Desired Hardnes..
Bomann KW 1421 CB Ηλεκτρονική Ζυγαριά Κουζίνας
Energy Supply:BatteriesType of Battery / Rechargeable Battery:AAA (Micro)Required Number:3FunctionsA..
Bomann ST 5016 CB  Τοστιέρα Λευκή
Warming Rack:NoCrumb Tray:NoDefrost Function:NoType of Toaster:Sandwich ToasterAmount of Toasts:4Per..
Bomann WA 1365 CB Βαφλιέρα
Diameter Backing Surface (cm):18Waffle per Backing Process:1Pre-Selectable Levels of Browning:Contin..
Bomann WA 5018 CB Βαφλιέρα Λευκή
Diameter Backing Surface (cm):18Waffle per Backing Process:1Pre-Selectable Levels of Browning:Contin..
Rommelsbacher RCC 1000 Fashion  Ψηστιέρα -Γκριλιέρα
Number of Grill Pans:4TypeType:RaclettePerformanceNominal Consumption (Watt):1000..
Russell Hobbs 18036-56 Classics Αρτοπαρασκευαστής
Quick Programme:YesJam Programme:YesBrowning Levels:3Keep Warm Function:YesTime Preselection:YesDisp..
Russell Hobbs 18625-56  Φρυγανιέρα  ( Jewels Ruby Red) Κόκκινη
Type of Toaster:Two-SlotWarming Rack:YesDefrost Function:YesCrumb Tray:YesBread Slice Centering:YesS..
Russell Hobbs 19270-56  Ατμομάγειρας  Cook at Home
Indicator Light:YesTimer Function:YesCapacity Water Tank (L):1,2Max Capacity Steam Basket (L):9LCD D..
Russell Hobbs 19750-56 Cook at Home
Volume (l):1,8Indicator Light:YesTypeType:Rice CookerPerformancePower (Watt):700GeneralColour:Silver..
Russell Hobbs 20840-56 Family Ψηστιέρα - Γκριλιέρα
Non-Stick Coated:YesTechnical DataPower (Watt):1300EquipmentAutomatic Switch-Off:NoIndicator Light:Y..
Russell Hobbs 20920-56 Fiesta
Indicator Light:YesTypeType:Crepe MakerPerformancePower (Watt):1000GeneralColour:Black..
Russell Hobbs 21310-56  Φρυγανιέρα (Clarity)
Warming Rack:YesDefrost Function:YesAmount of Toasts:2Crumb Tray:YesBread Slice Centering:YesStop Fu..
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